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Join Dream Idols and be a part of Web3's biggest entertainment hub

Among the hundreds of other metaverse VR entertainment projects, Dream Idols stands tall for our remarkable use of innovative technologies in the motion capture and VR rendering space.

Dream Idols aims to provide fans with an unforgettable entertainment experience. We push the boundaries of what is possible in the Web3 media world with our advanced social mechanics that will set a new standard for the Web3 space.

The Dream Idols project provides fans with 3 different interactive apps.

Cool Moves.0276.png


FANS is an engaging, web3-based multiplayer game that allows players to collaborate in developing their favourite virtual idols. A diverse and engaging gameplay experience encourages more users to explore the world of the Dream Idols Metaverse.


Staking (SYNC) enables users to trade our JOY & DREAM assets for more valuable ones, making the Dream Idols experience both rewarding and engaging.


SHOW is a virtual performance application that utilizes VR hardware technology to create an immersive virtual reality experience. We combine AR tech, motion capture, Unreal Engine, global node streaming, a professional stage tech team and a creator team to power the SHOW app.


With this combination, we blend virtual & real spaces to simulate a live concert, creating a new type of entertainment that allows fans & players to interact with Dream idols onstage.



Room is an innovative virtual human interaction application that leverages VR hardware technology.

The space is divided into the sunny living room, the workout area, the gym, and other settings, each offering distinct content that the viewers can interact with in different ways. Each player will have their own ROOM, and will be able to invite other players to visit their room. There will also be public spaces, streets, squares and other social areas to create a real metaverse social experience.

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